robotWe’re challenging you to find inspiration from┬áthe Dover Mini Maker Faire all year long. How are we doing that, you ask? By inviting you to accept our CARDBOARD CHALLENGE!

Cardboard is something we all have plenty of sitting around our houses or in our recycle bins. So put all that reusable material to good use and create something with it! A sculpture, a machine, a robot, a Rube Goldberg Machine…you name it and you can make it with cardboard. All entries will be displayed and judged by a panel of Makers at the Dover Mini Maker Faire on August 26, 2017.

So sign up for the challenge today and get your friends in on it too.

Businesses, don’t be shy! This would make a great team building exercise.

Teachers, take note! Include it in your plans, and then have a reunion with your students at the Dover Mini Maker Faire on August 26th.

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